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Travel Day

07/28/2014, 6:30pm CDT
By CHipp

9 hours from MSP to FRA + 7 hour time change.


We went from Minneapolis Airport (Terminal 2), MSP  to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) which took 9 hours. Met up with Team mate Joe Scott from St. Thomas and started to get to know each other. Good thing my Mom was there or we would have had nothing to talk about. After checking our bags we got a bite to eat at Caribou and Shawn (Mom) proceeded to dive into telling my new teammate about some of my wonderful childhood middle school stories. 

The flight was pretty long, left at 6:40 pm and arrived at Frankfurt at about 10 am. Economy class is not very forgiving for leg room and much of the flight I had my legs in the isle to which the flight attendants would need to ask me to move frequently as they passed with the carts. 

But we got there, went through customs pretty well, the German agents asked for our contracts for basketball but let us through without them. I was zonked out the whole ride from Frankfurt to Dusseldorf which was only like 1 hour. 

Then Coach Thomas picked us up and we were on our way to Recklinghausen!

Apartment and Shopping

We got to the Apartment and unpacked. It was very nice with 2 master bedrooms, kitchen and bath. Big rooms and the whole building is owned by the club and filled with players and the Coach. 

We then had our first grocery shopping experience, which was exciting and very insightful. German grocery centers are pretty similar to American ones but obviously things are in German which makes it tough. There are a lot of bakeries in Germany which make finding bread easy. Your supposed to bring your own bags and a lot of their drinks/juice is carbonated so you have to be aware of that.