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Day 2 - First Workout and seeing the City

07/29/2014, 6:45pm CDT
By CHipp

CityFitness, Gym, and learning German

Tour of the City

We took a drive with Coach Thomas today to see the city, workout facilities and gym. On the way from the airport we took a team van which had lots of room, today we took a much smaller convertible which was the team managers. Joe went in the back somehow, had to sit sideways while I had to crunch my head sideways to fit in the car, eventually we figured out the only way to ride in style was with the roof down. 

We went and saw the city center, shopping marts, the new shopping center they are opening in September, the City Hall, Bank, Gym and workout facility (CityFitness). The Gym was not open so we only saw the outside, but its at a school with 1500 kids and it is pretty big 5 courts side, red rubber floor, nice facility.

CityFitness was pretty similar to a Lifetime Fitness or other workout facility in the states, they had a lot of cardio equipment, some free wights dumbbells, the usual. It looks like only place to shoot or hoop is the Gym but we should have more access to that in days to come. 

Workout places in Germany, really don't have drinking fountains, you are supposed to bring your own water bottle and they have a station where you can fill it up with water or carbonated water because people love that out there. Then they have a flavor station where you can add flavor to your water which is pretty good actually. We hit the weights there, stretching, some carido, kinda the full gambit. Nice facility, I think I prefer US protein shakes a little more though.