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Herne Fair

08/02/2014, 12:15pm CDT
By CHipp
Herne Fair

We went to the fair in Herne on Saturday 8/2 which was only about 10 mins away but took us about an hour to get there and park because of traffic. This reminded me of the Minnesota State fair, they had tons of people, food, rides, and games. 

It was free to get in, but as we were looking for a place to park, Mirko the driver and our buddy noticed a spot of the other side of the street open up and a guy was standing in it holding it for his friend. Mirko maned up and turned over there and parralled into the spot forcing the guy to move. Mirko is the man!

First thing we did there was get some food. Mirko, also our tour guide on this adventure highly recommended the Backfisch.  Mirko, Joe and I each got one and it was AMAZING!!!  Basically deepfried fish, a huge filet, some bread and this garlic white sauce. It was the best deep fried fish I have had. 

We then got a little more food, I had a german footlong, which was good, but not as mind blowing and the backfisch. We then moved to enjoying some german beer and visited the Octoberfest tent, which gaves us a taste of what that is like.

There were a ton of cool games, the streets and areas were packed like the MN State fair, the "fun houses" would spray water into the crowd which was pretty crazy. 

Another really strange attraction they had there was a boxing ring where anyone could go and challenge a pro-boxer there and if you knock them out you get money and can win up to 2,000 Euro if you knock all of them out. The idea is people pay to watch stupid dudes get beat up by boxers.   I took a picture of the rules and fine print here. It seemed like something that was pretty crazy and surpising they would just let people do.  Rules below in German.