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Inner Squad Scrimmage

08/10/2014, 5:45pm CDT
By CHipp

First "Game" in Germany

We had a scrimmage on Saturday 8/9/2014 and it was a great showcase of the overall team and a great way for us to gauge competition and start playing at a high level. 

Joe, Toby, Christoff and I were the main players on our team with Adam, Lucas and Nilz as the younger guys. The other team had more people but they were more out of shape.  

The game started very close with the other team running sets well and getting some easy buckets. The ending score was 71 to 54, we won by 17. We really pulled ahead in the 3rd and 4th quaters. I had a triple double with about 10 fouls, 15-20 pts and 10-15 rbs.  For the fouls that was the biggest thing that was an eye opener for games is how they really watch the americans and call things tight for them. I had like 3-4 offensive fouls, 3 travels, and more fouls rebounding and contact that was very questionable. I would say back home I would have had 3-4 fouls in the game.  I did have some bad ones, but there was some obvious targetting of american players which I am happy we got a dose of now opposed to in real games. I just need to double down the focus on positioning and not necessarily go for every ball and steal. 

I did get to the line for about 8-9 free throws which was good, I can definitely improve on my FT shooting under pressure and when tired. I think I missed 3 or 4 of them. 

Overall it was a good game, we need to get in better shape as a team and move on to helpside priniciples and offensive sets. I really like some of the people I have met here and I am excited for the season. Toby, Aka- "Sweets in the Streets" because he likes candy, is a great guy playing PG who will be fun to play with this season.