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Conditioning Test

08/11/2014, 11:00am CDT
By Chipp

Lets get it!

Our Conditioning test was to be initially run on a stationary bike, with increasing the wattage workload and monitoring our breathing and heart rate. Below are the document print outs and results of the test. Overall they said we did very well and are happy with our fitness level. 

One of the big interesting take always for me was getting an insight to how my body burns energy. As the workout began I was burning fat at a 16% rate and it quickly plummeted to zero. So if I were to want to burn fat I would need to do long, low intensity workouts such as light jogging.  What was more interesting was that Joe's was different in that he started at about 50% fat burning and took a while to get down to zero. They said that's not good or bad, just how are body's burn energy.   Looks like I gotta stay up on those carbs... Sorry Mr Atkins...

Chart Close Up