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First 2 Preseason Games

08/18/2014, 9:15am CDT
By CHipp

Getting back into the swing of things


Game 1 - City Basket VS Rhondorf Dragons

We played a fellow Pro B team the Rhondorf Dragons that was pretty good and people said would make playoffs. This game was a real eye opener to pace of play, style and some of the differences in Germany. This team ran a lot of sets so it was pretty involved on D, but a fun game. Overall I didn't play as well as I wanted to and fouls were an issue. A few touchy, silly ones and a few of just needing to be in better position.  They didn't really keep stats but I think I had 8 pts going like 2 for 9 from the floor (not too great), 10-15 rebs, 3 assits, 2 blocks.  The interesting thing about this game was it was against a Pro B team and almost right away I was getting doubled constantly and I definitely need to do a better job finding that open guy and finishing stronger.  We ended up winning 75-74 in Overtime on a Game winner shot from a guy that left the team with 2 secs left.

Game 2 - City Basket VS USA Select Team

This game should have also have been a blowout win for us, the other team was athletic, physical and aggressive but they didn't play together and they were not NBA talent or anything exceptional.   We started off poorly I think first quater score was 26 to 20. We then did better went up 6 pts but ended the hald down 1.  I was in foul trouble with a few cheap bad ones. Second half was better we were up 12 at one point but once again had bad turnovers and gave the game away with them winning the game by 1 pt. 77 to 76. I fouled out with about 5 mins left in the game and we were up 10 pts. 

Here is an article on the game from the City Basket website.