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Preseason Games

09/13/2014, 2:45pm CDT
By CHipp

Vs Etzella (Luxemborg Pro A Team)

It was really interesting to see the differences between leagues and countries competition. This team was okay, they had 2 decent Americans, but kind of dropped off after that. One of their Americans got T'd up twice for yelling at the Ref's and then tossed. After that the game changed a lot, we won but did not play very well in the 4th quarter.  One of those games we  won, but felt like a loss.

Vs Essen

Essen is a Pro-A Club about 30 mins away that we played against. Apparently it was their 4th game in a row, we played them on Monday Sept. 8th.   We were doing really well against them lead pretty much all of the game until the game suddenly was over at the beginning of the 4th Q. One of our guys accidentally kind of tripped one of their players and their coach went bonkers!  He ran on to the court yelling at the Refs and he got tossed from the game, but he has a reputation for taking his team with him when he leaves, so that is what he did. They Forfeited the game and left after about 10 mins of talking to the Refs and such, our team wanted the Refs to let him stay, but they said it was disrespectful to them and they would leave then.   Overall we played well and I think I had close to a double double in 3 Quarters of play. Made all my FT's!

Promotional game with Hittorf School

We practice at this school and this school had a festival where they were celebrating their 20th Anniversary.  We played against their All-Star team which consisted of little kids, teachers, and even one of our players who is a teacher there.

Here are is some cool footage from that game of me playing Point Guard and dunking on a teacher who shouldn't have jumped.  I then get subbed out because coach said don't get hurt and no dunking... Haha

Hittorf Game footage

VS Rhondorf (2nd Game) Sept. 13th

Foul trouble in first half kept me off the court, some of the weakest, ticky tack, non-calls I have seen out here.   I did pretty well in the second half with 10 pts, and about 6-8 rebs, 2 blocks, but we had trouble getting stops and consistent scores and a first quarter deficit that we couldnt catch up from.