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Double Header weekend

11/10/2014, 7:15pm CST
By CHipp

We had our 2 Game weekend and went 1 and 1 beating number 1 team.

Game 1 - @ DRUFF! Baskets Braunschweig (Overtime Loss)

This team is a youth feeder team for this organizations BBL top level team, they have all German players who they are getting ready for the BBL level. The team overall was similar to others but had some big name players that could possible step down and play with this team if they were not needed on the Top level team. We had this game won for the first 3 quarters on the back of Antoine Meyers who scored 33 pts, in the 4th Quarter Dorian (our other starting post) and I both fouled out with limited minutes played as the Ref's were calling it tight for their post players and gave us some cheap ones. We were up 10 with about 5 minutes in the game left and they tied it up and the game went in to Overtime. 

Going into overtime they had all the momentum and hit some tough shots to which we had trouble responding. This ended in a shitty loss for us, but we needed to move on as we had number 1 team Rostock in 2 days at home. 


The Seawolves were 6:1 coming into this game and the number 1 team in the league. Standings Here 

They did have a 6-7 hour drive over which may have impacted their play, but overall it was clear to see that any team can beat any team any night in this league as they were nothing special compared to the other teams we have played. They did have some more athletes and taller players than normal, but they were kept in check for the game. They have the leading scorer in the league on their team who is averaging 23pts a game and we held him to only 10 pts, (6 fts).

This was a huge win for us coming off the heart breaking OT loss in Braunswieg, and this puts us at 4:4 with some road games coming up. We just need to capitalize on this win and keep the momentum going.  Another big stuggle we were seeing in previous games was "finishing" the game in the 4th quarter, we have let 2 games slip away in the 4th and almost lost another on because we don't play aggressive in final minutes and change our game plan. But this was a great win in which we finished very well. 

I was also captain of the Swat team this game. 

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