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Undefeated at Home

11/24/2014, 1:45pm CST
By Chipp

1 Block away from a Triple Double..

5-5 Overall

We are now 4-0 on our home floor, and 1-5 on the road so we need to play better in away games. In a recent article they dubbed the court "Red Hell" as it has a bright red floor and is hard to play in for opponents. I was also given the nickname "The Wall" for the game after playing exceptional defense for recording 9 blocked shots. 

We just beat the Dresden Titans who were a lower team, but they recently added 2 new German players that improved their team. In this league anyone can win or lose any night its a very close and competitive league. This weekend the bottom team Herten (3-7) beat the top team Rist Wedel (7-3) which also shows that anything can happen.


Overall, our team needs a lot more consistency on both ends of the floor. The other team only scored 47 points, which is horrible, but it was an ugly game and there are a lot of things we can improve on. 

As for my performance, I didn't think I was that close to a triple double and I fouled out of the game with 23 minutes played. I was not being a hack either! There were some ticky tack calls and 2 times a player drove into the lane, got fouled by someone else and I was given the foul. But overall it was a good game. The biggest success and take away for me was my Free Throws which have been poor so far this season, but in this game I went 11-12 (92%). I am looking to keep up this type of performance. 

A triple double is a dream of mine that I have not achieved in a competitive game, so getting this close (19 pts, 13 Rebs, 9 Blks) was a great confidence builder for me. I don't expect to get this every game, but I hope that I can actually reach this coveted goal this season!

Thanks for everyone's support so far, I really appreciate it!

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