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Vs Magdeburg Game 2

01/25/2015, 7:15pm CST
By CHipp

Huge win for us!

This was a big game for us to win, in the first game we lost to this team by 29 at their place. They have 3 aggressive post players also that are very physical and try to bang their way into the paint to score. Our game plan was to deny to post entry passes to avoid getting in bad position and foul trouble. Their post players were shutdown by us only scoring 6, 7, and 3 points collectively with 2 fouling out. 

I also had some extreme foul trouble this game fouling out in 15 minutes of play. This was really frustrating as 3-4 of the fouls were off the ball just basic post contact, a lot of which was not even enough to warrant anything. The opposing big men also told me they did not know what the refs were calling for fouls.

The positive side of this is that our other post players had great games which helped us bring home the W!

Another positive note that I appreciated was that our coach made a comment about the reffing in the post game interview specifically related to me. He said it in German, but the translation reads - "Carl Hipp is apparently too good for this league, Three points and five fouls in fifteen minutes - a pity that he could not play because we have to come up with something for the future.."

This was nice to hear after having a rough game. just knowing that your coach has confidence in you and has your back when adversity comes your way.

Post Game Interview

It is in German, but coaches comment is around 11 minutes.

Pre-Game Teaser

Some highlights, plus me speaking some German - "Bis Samstag" = See you Sunday!

CityBasket Vs Magdeburg Game 2