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Playdown Game 2 - Vs Stansdorf

03/22/2015, 7:00pm CDT
By Chipp

4th time we have played this team. Great start pushed us through.

Great shooting in first half won us the game 87 - 72

This was the 4th time we played this team as one game had to be replayed because of the score issue. But we beat them again which was awesome. 

We took away their strong points and played really aggressive in the first half, we just need to be able to keep that up for the whole game which has been a tough thing for us. Its kind of a toughness thing that we just lack that little something extra and just have to win about 2 more of the next 4 games to for sure not go down. But our goal is to win all 4, and really enjoy the last few games and of course make sure to win!