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Last Game of the Season!

04/19/2015, 4:45pm CDT
By CHipp

Won by 25, great way to end it.

Win solidifies CBR staying in the Pro B

Great game to end on as a team, played against the Itzehoe Eagles who did not come to win. We were up about 35 in the 3rd quarter but they caught up in the end when bench was put in.  As Basketball goes it was a pretty bad defensive game as we scored a season high 99 points. We had 99 with about 2 minutes left and were determined to break 100, but could not get a good shot and had 3-4 turn overs. But the game was decided by then and we won keeping us in 2nd in the Play downs which means we are safe no matter what. 

The Magdeburg license ruling can still be appealed and if for some reason the sanctions are lifted then Itzehoe would now move down to Regionaliga. 

Mirko proposes!

A teammate and capitan, Mirko Breggulla used the hype from the win to propose to his Girlfriend. He made a sign that on one side read, Thank you Vest-Crew (our Super Fans) and CityBasket Recklinghausen Family. On the other side it read, Julia will you marry me (In German).

After Thanking the fans and everything we turned the sign around and surprised her, she said yes!