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CARL's Pro Ball Blog

My Adventure

July 28th 2014, I got on a plane and headed to Recklinghausen, Germany to chase my childhood dream of playing professional basketball. Articles below to follow on the experiences and adventures that I have had.

Recent Experiences

Last Game of the Season!

04/19/2015, 4:45pm CDT
By CHipp

Won by 25, great way to end it.

Stahnsdorf Playdown Game 2

04/14/2015, 1:15pm CDT
By CHipp

This win keeps CBR in Pro B!!!

Herten Playdowns Games 3 & 4

04/08/2015, 12:45pm CDT
By CHipp

Rough game against Rival team has grave consequences

Playdown Game 2 - Vs Stansdorf

03/22/2015, 7:00pm CDT
By Chipp

4th time we have played this team. Great start pushed us through.


03/19/2015, 11:15am CDT
By CHipp

4 Games in 8 Days

03/09/2015, 11:15am CDT
By Chipp

Mom & Dad came to visit!

Rist Vedel Game 2

02/08/2015, 4:00pm CST
By CHipp

@Dresden Game 2

02/02/2015, 5:00pm CST
By CHipp

Vs Magdeburg Game 2

01/25/2015, 7:15pm CST
By CHipp

Huge win for us!

Vs Oldenburg

01/19/2015, 9:30am CST
By CHipp

  • Traveling

  • 12/07/2014, 11:45am CST , By Chipp
  • Amsterdamn, Cologne & Christmas Market
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  • Travel Day

  • 07/28/2014, 6:30pm CDT , By CHipp
  • 9 hours from MSP to FRA + 7 hour time change.
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CityBasket Vs Dresden Titans

"Hipp Check" By Franklin Denney