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  • Going up against US Select Team

  • Conditioning Test

    We ran on a Tread Mill and they monitored our breathing as they increased speed to determine our fitness level, metabolic, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning levels.
  • Vestische Arena

    Entrance to Vestische Arena.
  • Relaxing between practices

    Rocking Climbing wall mats, you can see me stretching my Hipps!
  • Vestische Arena

    Inside our Home gym in Recklinghausen.
  • Herne Fair Octoberfest tent

    People on tables, dancing, singing, drinking, partying, overall a loud hot sweaty mess of a good time.
  • Boxing Challenge Rules

    This was the rule board for a boxing challenge event that was at the Herne Arena. You can win money by knocking out pro-boxers. People pay to watch you try to win....
  • Herne Fair

  • New Jersey

    Downtown Recklinghausen
  • New Jersey

    In Germany "Hipp" is the name of a baby food company. http://www.hipp.de/ Already have a great reputation!
  • First Dinner

    I might have made a little too much Sketti... Or just the right amount!
  • Hamline Wall

    Could flip pic on the run. :( noob.