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To Bring List PLUS what we provide !


Room/Area              Needed:                           Provided:

BEDROOMS                   Clothes                      Linens, blankets, pillows

BATHROOMS                 Beach Towel             Towels                                                      

                                        Personal Items          Soaps

KITCHEN                   Food & Drink, Coffee        Coffee Filters                                    

(no dishwasher)        Paper Towels, Napkins       Roll of paper towels to get you started

                                                                               7 kitchen towels/washcloths

Appliances:                           Dish soap                 Dishes (Set of 10) & Silverware

Microwave                            Foil, Bags                  2 dozen glasses, & knives

Pancake Grill                        Paper plates if desired              Tupperware & Serving Bowls                  

Toaster                                                                              Pots:3,5,12 & 12+ Sizes, Utensils                                                                         Variety of utensils provided !

Blender                                                                           Pans: Stovetop set, Cake, Pizza

Hand Mixer                                                                     Cookie Sheets & Muffin  Tin

Full Size Refrigerator/Stove                                            Ice if needed

First Aid Kit (Drawer in Main Bathroom)                                         FIRE EXTINGUISHER (Kitchen Closet)

                                                     Flashlights                      Flashlights for power emergencies

Telephone                Long Distance Calling Card/#    (Can call the Hipp’s on cabin long distance)

On Deck: GAS GRILL                                                    Grill Utensils (Extra propane tank in shed)


FIREPLACES/PITS:                Bring own firewood ! Buy locally   (Some provided…)

                                                  Matches if needed… short burning firelogs preferred.


 TV w/ VCR & DVD                  VHS, DVD’s or Home Movies       300+ Movies! 

                                                (Note: No TV  signal)                      

  WASHER & DRYER               Laundry Soap                        Some…                              


Foosball Table & games             Games, Puzzles, Etc.           Several games, Darts & puzzles

                                                                                            +A thousand  little plastic army men…J

Lifejackets and Paddles                Personal life jackets                 7+ Life Jackets