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All About Hipp's Hideaway

         ~  INFORMATION  LETTER from  ~ Hipp’s Hideaway ~

     Thank you for your interest in our vacation rental!  This letter includes follow-up information about "Hipp's Hideaway" that you can't find from a list of amenities...  I'd  like to continue to talk to you in person as well, as there are many wonderful things about our lake home that won’t show up in print!  Browse through the titles and read what interests you.  Then give me a call or email so we can lock in your dates!    Here’s some background on what we fondly call “The Cat”:


      We bought our lake home for rental purposes in the fall of 2001. We had been in the rental business in St. Paul for 18 years, and decided to try something a little more "fun".  We've annually rented cabins during our own vacations for the last 25 years, and we've experienced the gamut of extremes.  One summer we felt totally uninformed about a property we rented on the Whitefish Chain... ("This is the key to which cabin?)".  We remember feeling disappointed with the lack of privacy during a stay at another cabin... ("Is there another way to get to the lake other than walking through the middle of your family reunion?")  We've also experienced the joy of being happily surprised/impressed with our rentals... ("We really have all this to ourselves? Yee ha!").  I am happy to report that all of our "Hipp's Hideaway" guest feedback so far fits in the joyful category.

 WHY HAYWARD?  We were determined to invest in an area that would welcome us and our guests... The Hayward Lakes area fit the bill. It has lots of funky things to do & is committed to tourism, yet you can still maintain that feel of "getting away from it all". We looked at 31 properties in the area and were always drawn back to "The Cat".  The water clarity was superior to all other properties, even into the fall. My sons fell in love with the natural, varied woods and the abundance of critters both in the woods and in the water.  My husband and I loved the peaceful feeling that came over us whenever we were there. Our renters obviously get the same feeling... "The setting is very private and serene", has been noted by several guests.  One family boasted that it was "the most relaxing family vacation we've ever had...."  Another plus is that we are just a few short miles from the Birkie Trails & the Chequamegon National Forest.  We are 15 minutes from Hayward—a true tourist destination in itself.  There are 10 great golf courses and numerous great dining options nearby as well.

 LAKEHOME GENERALITIES... Currently, "Hipp's Hideaway" has 2200 square feet, so there will be plenty of room for your group.   (Up to 8... additional guest can be approved for special circumstances… grandma  & grandpa, etc.) There are 2 spacious family rooms -- each with its own fireplace, walk out deck and great island view.  Both decks have proven to be a popular spot to plunk down and enjoy the northwoods & lake views.  Our 20x40 foot lower deck (with its double porch swing, picnic tables and stacks of deck chairs) is a wonderful hangout area overlooking the lake.  The upper wrap-around deck has several vantage points to choose from while sipping your morning coffee or afternoon tea (etc.).  Great island view? Go to the north... Northwoods/sunrise view? Go to the east-facing portion of the deck!  Total seclusion?  Face south.... (West side  faces  only close neighbor and there are dozens of trees between houses.)  

      MAIN LEVEL... In addition to the two main bedrooms and two full bathrooms on the main level, you will also have a full kitchen which opens up into a great room.  There are pretty good pictures of this room, which includes an eat-in bar, dining area and a couple of hang out areas by the stone fireplace. Sleeping quarters on the main floor include a master bedroom with a queen log bed and  its own spacious bathroom complete with a walk in shower and separate oversized bathtub.  The guest bedroom on the main level also has a queen bed and is decorated with a "Tiger Cat" theme. Kids have nicknamed the big tiger "Richard".  The main bathroom is conveniently across the hall, which is a full bath with a tub/shower combination. 

     LOWER LEVEL... It was difficult to get good pictures depicting the lower “pine” level. A second family room is located on this level with a gas fireplace, game area & built in bar/minifridge. Its double glass sliding doors provide great outdoor views from all corners of this room.  (You walk out to an oversized deck area.  A stairway pours off this deck and leads to a lakeside hangout area and dock.)  A spacious bathroom, full laundry, and the third bedroom make up the rest of this floor. This bedroom has an "up north"  pine bunkbed built into the corner,  housing another two queen beds.  There are two  pullout couches in the lower family room.  There is a foam mattress to toss on the floor – or on the pullout as well.  This  lower “rec’ room is where my family tends to hang out the most in the evenings.   If we are not out on the lower deck swing, we are curled up on one of the cushy couches with a fire, a good  movie, and some hot popcorn. We have a video library of 300+ "classic" titles, so chances are you will find a few you'd like to watch (or see again).  Or bring those old family videos you’ve been meaning to watch… Both DVD and VCR's... 

THE AREA... Our 2 acre wooded lot is on the end of what we call Tiger Cat Cove.  It is surrounded by county land on two sides, the lake out front, and 4 other cabins to the west. There is one cabin  on the peninsula off to the right as well.  There are hundreds of trees between cabins. This is a very quiet low-use area.   Our lake frontage is directly on  200 acre Tiger Cat Lake.  It is at the end of Tiger Cat  “Flowage” that connects the 6 lakes.  It is spring fed, river drained (ie. clear!) and connects to Lower Twin, Upper Twin, Lake Placid and Lake Burns.  There is a dam just around the peninsula and a stream that connects to Calahan and Mud Lakes. There is a cool "swimming “hole” with a tree the dam that is popular with renters  (See THE CHAIN  below). There are great places to hike and bike right from the cabin, too.  In fact, our area has been highlighted several times in "Biking the Northwoods" articles.  A scenic sparsely traveled 6 mile Tiger Cat Road  is a beautiful route with rolling hills.  If you need a rest stops, the Golden Rule is  on the route about 2 miles from “ home”.

     SUMMER FUN:  Our sand bottom lake provides for good swimming.  We have maintained a nice  weed free swimming area to the right of the dock.  It's a great place to grab a cold drink, sit on the dock or lakeside deck, and watch the “young ones” (or young at heart!)  play in the water.  Most groups with small kids said they spent a lot of time sitting on the edge of the dock with their feet in the water watching their kids play to the right of the dock. It has a nice sandy bottom, and fish and turtles often frolic there.  Fishing off the docks  have reportedly been good!  We have 2 parallel docks -- a shorter 16' one for docking boats, and a longer 20' one with a loveseat bench next to the swimming area.  For swimming, it is generally ankle deep at the waters edge/end of the dock and it is about 5   feet deep at the end of the 20' dock.   This varies a bit year to year, but since the water level is controlled by the dam, it never gets too low or too high!  My kids and I love to jump off the dock and swim out to the island and back.  (If you go to the island please leave it as you found it as it belongs to the family who owns the peninsula.)  Bring a floatation device and a favorite beverage and float the afternoon away… Read on, as all the "Fall Fun" activities listed below are good in the summer, too! Stay to the right side of the dock… There’s a stump to the left side of the dock—so do not dive off  the end of the dock.  This is a “remnant” from the old logging days!   The stumps are one of the reasons the fishing is so good – so we embrace them as part of the history of the chain.  (See THE CHAIN below…)

       FALL FUN:  In the fall, Tiger Cat Cove is a scenic place to hang out.   We are right on "Fall Color Tour #1" so you "leaf watchers" can be assured that we are a great location to watch the changing colors.  The reflections off the water surpass the actual leaf colors due to the clarity of the water that continues through the fall.   The island trees hold their color until late into the season – so you can enjoy the fall colors from the deck til late October  or even November! Canoe & kayak enthusiasts will be in heaven on our waterways... bikers and hikers will have a repertoire of options sure to please.  Golfers will have a dozen scenic courses to choose from as well.  There are 100's of miles of ATV & mountain bike trails nearby ~  and of course the Birkie Trails....  We are a mere 5 miles from "getting in"!

     WINTER FUN:  Want to hole up and enjoy the northwoods in the winter?  Hipp's Hideaway is a great place to XC Ski, snowshoe, snowmobile (intersection of Trail # 18 & 14 go right by the island!), or just go for a walk on the lake or in the woods.  There are lighted night trails at Hatchery Creek Park nearby. Winter ATVing on the lake  is also an option if the snow isn't too deep.  Warm up at one of two fireplaces indoors or the lakeside fire pit surrounded by woods.  Skip the cooking-- winter is a great time to check out our first rate dining options in the area!  Check out the Golden Rule for it’s  Friday Night Fish Fry!   Want a casual dining experience with great steaks, duck, ribs, chicken and fish?  Club 77 is just 4 miles away…There are several  more options… check out our guide with guest comments in the cabin. 

     THE "CHAIN"...The Tiger Cat Flowage was a big attraction when purchasing the property.  Its chain of 6 lakes are all part of a man made “flowage” that was made to connect the lakes during the logging days of the early 1900’s.   It is spring fed from the northernmost corner of Upper Twin Lake and river drained at the dam is just around  peninsula to the west of our cabin,  which is why the water is so  fresh and clear year round.  Due to tannin in the leaves, the water has a slight brownish tint. The tree lined frontage along the entire chain provides a scenic backdrop for fishing, boating, canoeing, kayaking and cross country skiing.  The interconnecting waterways between the lakes are a destination in themselves... I call them the "Wisconsin Everglades".  We also  have our own "mini-Itasca" ! The bottom of the dam marks the  starting point of the Upper Fork of the Chief River...(which eventually flows  into the mighty Mississippi).   Wherever you go, wildlife abound.... birds, squirrels, deer, blue heron and loon make their habitat on the chain.  Occasionally we will see small brown bears foraging for food (they act more like chickens, though…it's the black bears that are more likely to be dangerous around people). And, of course... FISH!  Muskie. northern  and bass fishing were both great last year with some good walleye action as well. There is decent fishing right off our dock.  If you'd like to venture out to fish or explore, there are two  canoes and a kayak available for your use!  (Kayak to the east portion of the lake at sunrise for an unforgettable morning greeting!)

    BOATS AVAILABLE... There are 2 CANOES,  1 KAYAK & 1 PADDLEBOAT at the cabin for your use!  (It would cost  $25+/day to rent any one of these elsewhere...) There are several lifejackets available, too.  See the list on our “TO BRING” list.

Boat rentals are available from several local vendors (Hayward Power Sports,, M&M Rentals, Golden Rule Resort,etc)


  WHAT WE DON'T HAVE.... Here's a list of things we do not have, just to make sure there are no surprises:

1) Having a natural tree lined frontage means that we don't have a sandy shoreline. Instead you will see wild iris’, greenery and trees hanging over the water.  The sand bottom swimming area is great for small kids, however!  (Think “On the Lake & In the Woods   vs. “Beach House”). The water is clear, but brownish in color from the tannin in the leaves. Bring floaties  for the older ones, or have them swim to the island! 

2)    Due to allergies and our rental management agreement, we do not allow pets or smoking.  Do not ask, please. This rule is hard and fast.

3)    We also do not have air conditioning or a dishwasher.  There are ceiling fans and floor fans in every room  PLUS  a nice breeze off the lake, so I  have not heard many complaints about being uncomfortable due to the heat.  It cools off nicely each evening...

4) Our "cabin"  is not level with the lake ("moderate elevation" is the official term).  You will have to descend down 35 steps to get to the lakeside “hangout” area where there is a firepit and deck with 5 more steps down to the dock.  They are meandering steps  (not steep).  See photos.

5)     We now have internet access, but we do not get a TV signal.  We do have over 300 movies to entertain you in your breaks from the outdoors.   Actually, the majority of our renters prefer it that way, so we are directing our "improvement" dollars elsewhere for now...   

6) Cell phone signals are not reliable in our location either.  However, you usually can  get one by driving “out” a couple of miles to a clearing or going out to the middle of the lake.  There IS a phone in the cabin you are welcome to use. Please bring a long distance calling card number for your long distance calls.


       Email me if you’d like to book it... See our sample rental agreement. Upon booking I will send you directions.  The "Provided and To Bring"  list is pretty detailed, but in a nutshell ~  in addition to packing your clothing you will need to bring all bathroom items needed: soaps, shampoo, toothpaste, bath and beach towels, washcloths, etc.  We provide the toilet paper.  For the kitchen, in addition to your food  you will  need to bring all disposable kitchen items (paper towels, plastic bags, dishsoap, napkins, etc.).  All bedroom linens and kitchen towels are provided.  The "To Bring" list is attached  and also  includes a detailed list of what we have in the kitchen and other rooms.


      There are tons of options available if you want them.  Take in the entertaining Lumberjack Show,  climb the 3 Story Muskie,  plus visit a dozen antique stores, the world-famous fudge shop, and the quaint downtown.  The LCO Casino is within 10 miles. And  of course the restaurants.... the golf… the hiking/biking/ATV/snowmobile trails…

 If you have questions or need personal direction, let me know! 

 Happy Vacation Planning,

  Shawn Hipp , Owner

 Email  CSCRHipp@

Hipp’s Hideaway  on Tiger Cat Cove

Shawn's CELL Number  (651) 263-7034




                   ( Open Calendar Fall/Winter/Spring :)                                                                  

Summer 2016 Rates:   $1750 week (up to 6 people)

Additional Guests beyond 6  are $100 per week.   Larger groups over 8 are discouraged, and need to be approved if allowed.   This is a quiet cove and we need to blend in :) 

IE: Weekly Rates based on the # of People (if they can walk ~ they count!  Toddlers can create a lot of cleaning/diaper/trash expenses) 

Up to 6 people=$1750

7 people= $1850

8 people= $1950

9 people=$2,050  (needs to be approved)

10 people= $2,150 (needs to be approved)

PLEASE NOTE: We rent FRIDAY >FRIDAY in the Summer…)  

 All rentals are “Partial Clean” where you pick up after yourselves and vacuum.  We wash sheets and clean bathrooms & kitchens…

                  WEEKEND RATES for Fall/Winter/Spring                                          (Labor Day - Early June)

$250/night – 2 night minimum  (Fall/Winter/Spring) for up to 6 people..

$50 per person per stay for additional guest (larger groups of 9 or 10 need to be approved)

Holidays  --  3 night minimum  ($250/night) up to 6 guests  + $50 PER STAY for  add'l guests                 

Birkie/Fat Tire -- 3 night min ($300/night) up to 6, + $50 PER STAY for add'l guests   

     After your minimum, rates drop to $100/night!  Extend your stay!


SUMMER RATE  = $1750 week/summer season (June,July,Aug) 

for up to 6 people... additional people are $100 per stay up to 10.   Larger groups ( 9 or 10) need to be approved. See chart above for details       




RENTAL AGREEMENT  ~ ~ ~    Hipp’s Hideaway On Tiger Cat Cove

11112 Tiger Cat Dam Road                    Hayward, Wisconsin                       Cabin Phone (715) 462-3985


Rental Agreement between Shawn Hipp and     _____________________________________________

Dates                                                                        # Of Guests         Rental   

Held:_________________     # Of Nights=____     Up To:______   Amount= ______________________

                                                         Add’l Chg for add’l guests= $50-100 per person per stay (Must be pre-approved!)


Check In Date & Time= __________________   Check Out Date & Time=_________________________

If you are doing the online payment system via credit card... follow the directions from VRBO/Homeaway instead of Section One... Section Two still applies  :)


Payments and Deposit:  You will need to write _______ checks to “Shawn Hipp”…(NOT HIPP’S HIDEAWAY)


1)  Your Down Payment of (1/2)____________will secure your reservation for the dates listed above.

              PLEASE NOTE ~*~ This amount is non-refundable unless we are able to re-rent the dates being held. ~*~

                Re-Rental fees may be charged to cover additional time and expense relative to re-renting your specific dates.

               Last minute rentals may need to be advertised and discounted.


2)   The balance of the rental amount (____________) along with any “Added Guests or Days”   

       is  due 2 weeks prior to your arrival (_____________ )Please make a note of this date.


3)   A separate check to cover the $100 deposit ( also due 2 weeks prior to arrival…).

Deposit Return/Damage Agreement:   Write a separate check for the deposit if paying direct.  (Those using the online payment systme will pay this upfront and then get reimbursed...) Any charges for damages/key loss/extra cleaning will be applied to your deposit, and any damages beyond the deposit amount are the responsibility of the renter.  Renters agree to pay for any damages that are not considered normal wear and tear (such as broken windows, carpet stains requiring professional treatment, mattress damage, etc.).  Plastic mattress pads are available if anyone in your group should need one.  If the cabin is left in good condition and the keys are returned properly, deposit checks will be shredded.

Extra Guests & Pets:  Extra guests need to be pre-approved and there will be an additional charge of $50-$100 per person. Charge. Pets are NOT allowed. Period. Please do not bring one/sneak one in.  You will lose your deposit.

Key Pickup and Check In:   We will make key arrangements upon full payment and receipt of the deposit. Normally we will  hide the key for you outside the cabin.  In the peak summer months, we cannot accommodate early check in times or late check out times. Check-In is at 4pm and Check-Out is at 11am.  During the fall/winter/spring seasons we would be happy to accommodate other arrival and departure times if we can.  Return the key to the same spot you found it before departing.

 “Partial Clean” Duties:  After your stay WE will change the sheets, wash kitchen towel/dishcloths, re-sanitize the bathroom and kitchen areas, and pick up your garbage from behind the shed. (Please bag carefully as we take away your trash in our cars J). It is assumed that other than the above you will “leave it as you found it”.  Your cleaning responsibilities include general pickup, wiping surfaces used, vacuuming, putting trash & recyclables in the shed, locking all doors and leaving the keys.    If you used any of our “courtesy” towels in the bathroom, you will need to wash & dry them before you leave.  If we need to do extra/deep cleaning after your stay, we will apply the charges. You may pay $100 cleaning fee if you just want to pack up and go, but this needs to be arranged ahead of time as an extra person will need to be scheduled. Renters agree to allow property managers on site for garbage pickup, snow removal, maintenance and general repairs.

To Bring List:  A“To Bring” list will be provided -- which also includes a detailed list of what is provided at the cabin.  You will need to provide your own beach towels, bath towels, washcloths & all bathroom items (except toilet paper…)

SMOKING AND PETS:  Due to family allergies and neighbor agreements, we do not allow smoking or pets. 

BOATS:  If you are bringing a boat you will need to provide your own insurance. Our insurance does not cover damage to boats (or cars). 

REPAIRS/MAINTENACE  Renters agree to allow owners, property managers, or maintenance workers on the property if needed.  All efforts will be made to make these rare occasions as unobtrusive as possible. 


_______________________DATE____________            _______________________DATE____________

Shawn Hipp, Owner                                                           Renter’s Signature

Owner Phone (651) 483-4937                                            Renter Phone___________________________

Owner Email                                   Renter Email_____________________________


                                                                       Renter Mailing Address_____________________________________


                                                                           City, State, Zip__________________________________________


To Secure Your Reservation: Sign & mail  this agreement with your down payment to:

                       Shawn Hipp@ 2885 Centerville Road, Little Canada, MN 55117. 

You will receive a signed copy as confirmation of your reservation.  Contract not valid unless signed by both parties. 

* Date of Original Date Contract Sent=                              Contract & Down Payment  Due Date= ________, or call for extension!



Room/Area       Needed:                       Provided:

BEDROOMS                       Clothes                                Linens, blankets, pillows

                                                                                           Ceiling and box fans in every room

BATHROOMS                    Towels & Washcloths         Toilet Paper                                                      

                                              Soap & Toiletries               (Emergency towels- please wash

                                              Personal Items                         & dry if you use our bath towels)

                                       BRING BEACH TOWELS, TOO!

KITCHEN                           Food & Drink, Coffee        Coffee Filters                                    

(no dishwasher)                                   Paper Towels, Napkins       Roll of paper towels to get you started

Appliances:                           Dish soap                            Dishes (Set of 10) & Silverware

Microwave                            Foil, Bags                           2 dozen glasses, & knives

Pancake Grill                        Paper plates if desired              Tupperware & Serving Bowls                  

Toaster                                                                              Pots:3,5,12 & 12+ Sizes, Utensils

Blender                                                                             Pans: Stovetop set, Cake, Pizza

Hand Mixer                                                                                Cookie & Muffin

Full Size Refrigerator                                                       7 kitchen towels & 7 dishcloths

Full Size Stove                                                                  Trash Bags, recycle & compost bins Coffee Maker         First Aid Kit (Drawer in Main Bathroom)

                                            Matches (in case needed)          Fire Extinguisher (Kitchen closet)

                                                     Flashlights for recreational use  Flashlights for power emergencies

Telephone                           Long Distance Calling Card/#    (Can call the Hipp’s on cabin long distance)

On Deck: GAS GRILL                                                                      Grill Utensils (Extra propane tank in shed)



 TV w/ VCR & DVD                  VHS, DVD’s or Home Movies       300+ Movies!  (Ask for list!)

                                         (Note: No TV – as per renter preference!)                      

  WASHER & DRYER               Laundry Soap                                  Extra Towels (in case you “forgot”)

                                                                                                             Extra Toilet Paper,  Etc.

Foosball Table & games             Games, Puzzles, Etc.                       Several games and puzzles

                                                                                                              +A thousand  little plastic army men…J

Lifejackets and Paddles                Personal life jackets                    7+ Life Jackets at cabin: