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Press Conference 8/1/2014

08/01/2014, 8:00pm CDT
By CHipp

Its official!

We had a press conference today which was very exciting. We didn't really know what to expect going into it, but we went to the city center area which was a big market square type of area and gathered a group of chairs where we met the press, sponsors and other people involved with the club or team.  The spoke German and our coach and the club manager answered most of the questions, we had a team mate there translating some main points to us, but it was a big deal for the team to get the exposure. 

They also asked about our Jersey numbers, specifically Joe Scott's number 23, which used to belong to the previous player with the club Robert Franklin who had been with them for several years and done very well. But due to negotiations and changing details the club signed Joe and I to replace the past group which was a big suprise to the press who were very excited as well.

We then grouped up and took pictures with the different sponsors and club, which were then posted online and the club made the announcement of us joining the club which meant we could also offically spread the news.