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4 Games in 8 Days

03/09/2015, 11:15am CDT
By Chipp

Mom & Dad came to visit!

2 Wins, 2 Losses.

These 4 games were pretty crucial going into the end of the season and making the playoffs, we went 2 and 2. Losing the first 2 games which should have been the 2 easier games.

The first game was against Herten which was a big rival game, we came out with a lot of energy but made too many turnovers during the game and didn't rebound and shoot quite well enough.

The Braunsweig game was next, they only had 8 players and missing 2 of their main players and this game should have also been a good win, but we lacked the intensity and couldn't finish the game. 

The 3rd game was the rescheduled, Stahnsdorf game. In the first game we won against them in Overtime, there was an extra basket given to us in the first half and since the game went into over time when they reviewed the film the other team appealed the game. So we had to replay it. This was a fight of a game, but we played well and won by about 15.

The 4th game against the last team in the League they were fighting to not be in last place and get kicked out of the league, they had lost 4 games but 3 points or less, We won this game by a last second 3 pointer that put us up 3 to end the game.