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03/19/2015, 11:15am CDT
By CHipp

Missed Playoffs

We missed the playoffs and are in the 9th Spot in the league. In hind sight we gave up to many easy games earlier.

The team had the same record last year and was 7th in Playoffs, so this year is a lot tighter too. It came down to the last game of the season though with Liepzieg clinching it when they beat Itzehoe at their place, we played the number 1 team Rostok at their place and it was close, but it wouldn't have mattered if we won because of the tiebreakers with other teams and being in a 4 way tie. 

The Playdowns work like a mini-post season with the bottom 4 teams that didn't make playoffs. We have 6 games, and play each team twice, once at home, once away. You get to keep your points from the season and at the end, the bottom 2 teams get kicked out of the league.

We played the first round last weekend (3/14/15) and lsot at Itzehoe another close game, we are still number 1 in Playdowns rankings, but need to win some games now and turn the momentum around.

CityBasket @Itzehoe Eagles Playdown Game 1